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At CMa, we understand that navigating the maze of contractors, negotiations, budgets, schedules, and general bureaucracy involved in a real estate and construction project can be overwhelming.

Few organizations have the experienced staff members to manage these details, yet these details are often the difference between success and failure.

That’s why we have made it our sole mission to advocate for your interests, where as an extension of your inhouse construction management team or as your sole owners’ representative.

Exceptional owner’s representation goes beyond scheduling and budgeting.  CMa provides clients with experienced leadership, indispensable knowledge, and valuable industry influence that drive construction projects.

Whether your project is 5,000 or 500,000 square feet, we integrate ourselves into your organization to understand your industry, goals, and values. As your representative, we protect your interests and intercede on your behalf, and guide you through critical decisions each step of the way.

Geoffrey M. Michalek


Geoff is a strategic organized thinker with tremendous experience as an Owners Representative in the conceptualization, creation, design, and construction of millions of square feet of multi-family, senior living, affordable housing, student housing, condominium, townhome, mixed-use, and hotel projects.


As a leader in his field for more than a decade, Geoff possesses the proven leadership, technical, and facilitative expertise to successfully lead the execution of a construction project from conception to completion. Throughout his career, Geoff has successfully represented the interests of lenders, developers, investors, and owner's alike.



Through Geoff’s humility and passion for his craft he has developed a unique ability to engender the loyalty of project team members and inspire effective communication & collaboration that drive successful construction projects.

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